Inner transformation becomes real with the energy of action.

“Did you know there is the possibility of saving the planet, when we tap into what we don’t know? At the moment we’re struggling with the limited aspects of science and economy, of what we know and what we think we need to discover because we still don’t quite know it but actually 99% or more even is the potential and that potential can only be activated when we are able to activate it inside of ourselves because then we get in tune with another rhythm that is beyond what our evolution has worked now, beyond how the mind thinks at the moment, because the mind responds to situations as they are and if we remain in this space then we just react and work with this space but if we can discover the more creative potential, we will find out that there are solutions to energy, which is the major problem at the moment, and solutions for pollution and economic problems that are happening in the world; health; wellbeing, psychological, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing; all those potentials are out there, but we just can’t see them because we’re not aware, but they are out there waiting for someone to be able to bring them into this reality. When one person is able to do that, even if they don’t believe that they are spiritual, what they are doing is the work that I say it’s important to do on an individual level and that is to bring that potential to the core of your being and express that potential to everything that is around, all the references that make up the world as it is today.”

“Energy cannot be destroyed, rather transformed from one form to another. Inner transformation becomes real with the energy of action.”

The Tony Samara Team


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